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Explainer Videos

Explainers are great ways for companies and brands to share their story and engage with customers in a  memorable way.

We at City Heroes Media are experienced producing a wide variety of explainer video types. Including;

Animated 2D Explainers, Hand-Drawn Whiteboard, 3D animated explainers, live-action explainers, and now glass-board.

We’re happy to help you choose the explainer style and develop a creative approach that best tells your story.

Commercials & Advertising

Video advertising is everywhere – Broadcast, Cable, online, off-line, and Point-of-Purchase.


We develop video advertisements uniquely targeted to your audience.


Creative development, casting & audition, pre-production planning, filming, and editing. Start to finish; our approach is collaborative. Together, we work with you and your team throughout the process to create a video that is

memorable and effective.

Corporate Video

That’s simplified the production process, resulting in extremely fast turnaround times. So whether you need a video to enhance your virtual event, a production team to live stream, a creative post-production team to level up your video (or a comprehensive strategy that encompasses everything), we’re available worldwide — even at the last minute.

Animation 2D & 3D

Animation is imagination !

Professionally equipped animators backed by global standards of infrastructure offers unmatched quality professional 2D animation services in London/Warsaw/Madrid and many other locations . We also provides 2D animation advertisement to improve the reach of your product and service

Music Video

we work effortlessly to keep the standards of our music video productions high. We love to understand what our music artists’ brand and image are before we start their music video production.  We’ve created music videos that have went viral with little to no marketing budgets purely from the concept and visuals that intrigue viewers. 

Post Production

We are experts at post-production and can take your film or tv project through the entire process from shoot to final screening. We know editing, we know sound, and we know about outputs including DCPs, Blu-Rays and streaming media. We understand film festivals and what they require. We can get you to where you need to be, comfortably, affordably, and professionally.

Education & Training

Online video has forever transformed the learning experience

 City Heroes Media partners with your subject matter experts; we dive deep to understand the content and the audience. We work closely with you and your team to create impactful video learning experiences.  


Complex subjects, intricate processes are explained, learned, and shared.

Documentary Films

Documentary cinema – faithful record of reality or marked by subjectivism an artistic statement?

How we work!

City Heroes is a global video production solution built to scale your team’s capabilities. We manage video operations for some of the world’s largest brands and organisations. We remove the complexity of video so you can focus on your strategy, customers and messaging.


We dig deep to learn all about your company as a brand, as well as about the products you deliver. We are fully aware of the fact that this knowledge brings us closer to understanding your needs so there will be no time wasted on our collaboration!


Interesting concepts are the core of any successful production; our main focus is to deliver fresh and original ideas – essential for the final project we will work on for you!

Creative Concept

Working on your campaign, after the concept has emerged, is a really exciting process. We will take care of everything – the script, the style frames and the storyboards. We specialize in new and fresh views on existing ideas and styles; you can be sure that the final project will be one of its kind!


Once we shape the idea, how your video should look like – whether it is a film, a commercial or a viral, we get to make it happen. Working with selected professionals guarantees that your product will be done by the best!


It’s the shooting time! Trusting our creative and technical experts will pay off – we can handle both high profile productions and small format short films. The sky is the limit!

Post Production

Every material that we make needs to be professionally edited; our dedicated team of audio post production specialists knows the ropes. Leave it with us so it can be polished to perfection!

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