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About us

We are able to adjust and cut many production cost which means an excellent price-quality ratio.
City Heroes Media London based production company with our own production team, film crews and post production services. We tailor-make high quality, content rich films with style and passion. Our talented team of experienced directors, producers and editors possess all the skills required to produce the perfect video for you. We ensure clients are delighted with the end product. We are passionate about what we do and have a huge wealth of experience in many film genres.

What we do

Video Commercials, TV spots, YouTube Videos,
Corporate Video, Promotional Video, Animation 2D & 3D,
Directors, Filmmakers and Crew for Your Video, Music Video, Post Production

Creative Concept

working on your campaign, after the concept has emerged, is a really exciting process. We will take care of everything – the script, the style frames and the storyboards. We specialize in new and fresh views on existing ideas and styles; you can be sure that the final project will be one of its kind!


once we shape the idea, how your video should look like – whether it is a film, a commercial or a viral, we get to make it happen.

Working with selected professionals guarantees that your product will be done by the best!


It’s the shooting time! Trusting our creative and technical experts will pay off –

we can handle both high profile productions and small format short films.

The sky is the limit!


we dig deep to learn all about your company as a brand, as well as about the products you deliver.

We are fully aware of the fact that this knowledge brings us closer to understanding your needs so there will be no time wasted on our collaboration!


interesting concepts are the core of any successful production; our main focus is to deliver fresh and original ideas

– essential for the final project we will work on for you!

Post Production

every material that we make needs to be professionally edited; our dedicated team of audio post production specialists knows the ropes.

Leave it with us so it can be polished to perfection!

choose any location

Amazing locations - from London’s iconic landmarks, through wonderful highlights of
Argentina and Poland, to sunny beaches of Spain, Croatia, Thailand and many more.